Reliable and High-Quality Digital Publishing

Digitally Enhance Your Publication

Once your publication is sent to press, we go to work with our custom digital book publishing. Your interactive digital book can be viewed on all computers, tablets, and smartphones. The digital book is loaded with interactive features such as:

  • Photo galleries, streaming video, and other Rich Media
  • Links to anywhere on your website or on the Internet
  • More than 60 integrated social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Online mapping to your location(s)
  • Produced video, audio, and virtual tours

With our digital publishing solutions, we’ll build your dynamic photo galleries from an array of transition options. If you have produced video, audio, or virtual tours, we’ll add them to your digital publication at no charge, or we can work with our professional partners to produce them for you at a reasonable cost.

Your digital publication will be fully integrated with your social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, and loaded with links to your choice of internet content. Best of all, your digital book remains always up to date, as you can edit your digital content and republish at any time.