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With over 200 books in print, all sold by major bookstores and Amazon, Intermedia Publishing Services provides the highest quality in BOTH printed hardcover books AND interactive digital books in one cost effective package.

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Our Books 

The contents of our branded books are curated to showcase the services and goods produced by luxury lifestyle artisans who contribute to the finer things in life. We publish our books in the highest quality by utilizing the finest printing techniques on high quality paper stocks-insuring that our content will impress our audience. All the while, we are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the environment. Our books are manufactured with strict adherence to an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 standards, including using paper from mills certified to derive their products from environmentally managed forests.

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Our Clients

The professionals, tastemakers and firms presented in our books represent many of the finest in their industries. Our research editors and publishers tirelessly evaluate the accomplishments and portfolios of our prospective and featured clients in order to present content consistent with our mission statement and our reader’s preferences. Our clients also contribute to our quality control by nominating colleagues whose work they find to be at the top of their field for our consideration. We consistently seek the best of the best in all of our hardcover book presentations.

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Our Readers

A coffee table book reader is for the most part a sophisticated collector. Coffee table books are considered permanent and are added to a personal library or displayed as a piece of art. People don’t throw coffee table books away, compared to most other mediums that are disposed of when the next issue is created. A buyer of a coffee table book is also discerning - as these books are generally 5 - 10 times more expensive than soft covered books. Since our content is high quality and luxury related, our readers are also people with the means or desire to acquire the services and products we present in our books.

It is our pleasure to share a video on our upcoming book, Inspired Interiors - Amazing Spaces Imagined and Designed by the Nation's Leading Interior Designers. Please feel free to share this video or link with accomplished interior design professionals you may know, as we are always seeking to identify and review the portfolios of remarkable interior design talent. Or click on the link below:

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At the Printer - Coming to Bookstores Spring 2024


Enjoy our collection of the finest kitchens and baths fashioned by the nation's leading kitchen and bath designers. Each chapter is arranged by design style—from contemporary to transitional and traditional, large or small—so whatever you are tastes are, we have plenty of designs to drive your imagination. In addition, top designers give you tips on things to consider when planning your kitchen / bath renovation or new build. With nearly 800 photographs in over 320 pages, this book is sure to stir your senses.

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Stylish Spaces, Lush Landscapes and Amazing Pools & Spas Created by the Nation's Top Design Professionals

Inspired Outdoor Living is a collection of the finest outdoor living environments fashioned by the country’s leading outdoor contractors and designers. It takes you on a journey—through six geographic regions of the country—of custom living and recreational installations including imaginative living spaces, amazing kitchens and bars, inviting pools and spas, tranquil water features, spacious decks, sexy landscape lighting and stimulating landscape architecture. Plentiful in inspiration for all design tastes, from traditional to transitional to modern, Inspired Outdoor Living will inspire you for your dream abode ambitions. Click here to order a copy

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Distinctive Homes Curated by Leading Architects, Designers, and Builders For Coastal Living Lifestyles

View the inspired residential architectural stylings of both Canadian and USA leading residential architects, interior designers and custom home builders. Fashioned in 5 chapters by west coast region - Southern California, Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia - West Homes is sure to inspire what's possible in custom home design with all styles, environments, and climates in mind. The home is the star of the book with interesting narratives on the inspirations, challenges and motivations of each home. Look for it on Amazon and in Bookstores in the Spring of 2024.