Enjoy The Versatility of Electronic Book Publishers

Over 50% of people prefer to get their information digitally. Don’t just give them information—provide it in a professional and unforgettable way that will make you stand out from the competition.

What sets Inspired Intermedia apart from the average print on demand service is our ability to create rich media in a unique digital book format. As electronic book publishers, we don’t simply copy and paste the same template we use to create your physical book and then upload it to an ebook marketplace. Our ebooks are designed to look beautiful on computers and tablets alike, not just shifted from one medium to another.

We also spend the time to create an interactive digital book that draws the reader into your world. Using hyperlinks to your web resources, online videos, photo galleries, and 360 degree site tours, we can populate your book with information that print readers could only dream of having.

This great reader experience is designed for saving and sharing online. With your readers spending more time on each page, and the ability to instantly share your book with their friends and followers, your exposure will increase faster than with traditional print media which can only referenced, but not accessed, online.

Contact us today to learn how our electronic book publishing services can help you take your book idea and create a product that’s ready for social media sharing!

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