<!–mep-nl–><br /><h4>Print on Demand</h4><p>There’s really nothing like a finely printed coffee-table book or brochure and Inspired Intermedia’s are exceptional. We’ve been producing them for an international clientele for more than 20 years, and we’ll keep printing until the end of time.<br /><br />The print world has changed.  And Print on Demand is leading the way.<br /><br />With the recent increase in quality and materials that high end digital printing now offers, there is no need for you to invest in printing hundreds or thousands of additional copies of your book or brochure, just to keep your unit costs affordable.  Print on Demand allows you to print just what your current needs are and reprint when you need more. At each reprint, we can easily update any portion of your book or brochure to reflect your most recent information.<br /><br />We have a network of high end offset and digital print suppliers both domestically and internationally garnered during our 30 plus years of printing high quality products. We are pleased to leverage our buying power to get you the best pricing on your your book or brochure.<br /><br /><i>Print on demand allows you to share always up-to-date information with your clients and prospects.</i></p><!–mep-nl–>