Inspired Creative Team

Our process starts with a meeting with our creative team to determine your project’s objectives, format, editorial tone and design preferences. Once you agree with our findings, we go to work systematically putting your piece together in the best quality. Your assigned creative team will consist of:

Whether you have a completed manuscript or need one written, our award-winning team of writers and  editors  will help you tell your story your way. We will match your writing needs with one of dozens of our accomplished editors. With over 2000 published clients in a myriad of subjects, we can craft just what you are looking for. 

Graphic Designer
Our designers have created award winning publications that are recognized as tops in the publishing industry. We will work with you to ensure our designs meet your satisfaction and represent your brand.

Project Manager
Your Project Manager will liase between you and all our creative teams members to insure timely completion and your satisfaction.

Digital web programmer
Our skilled Digital programmers will bring your digital book to life by creating all the rich media elementsphoto annimations, inserting videos and audio, 

Photographers & Videographers
We work with outstanding photographers and videographers around the country. If you need additional photography shot for your book or brochure, we can secure great local talent at affordable prices. Depending on the complexity of your video production needs, we can secure a local videographer that can work within your budget.

Video Editors
If you have raw or previously produced video, we have video editors that can put this video together into fresh new videos.

Website Developers
From our internal staff to our industry partners, we have skilled developers capable of complete website design and management

SEO and Social Media Experts
Also from our internal staff to our industry experts, we can help you gain further exposure of your book or brochure through the viral social media networks.