Company Brochures

Company Brochures can be designed to accomplish many objectives – including branding tools, marketing tools, catalogues, and more. The Inspired team will work with you to help identify your brochure objectives and then put our creative team to work to craft your unique brochure design perfectly to your needs.

More and more companies are starting to recognize the importance of sharing information digitally vs. using just printed information. Under a single fee agreement, our marketing brochure design team will create and design your brochure in award winning quality, and deliver it to you both as a beautifully printed piece and as an interactive digital piece that is primed to take your information viral.

 The digital brochure can be placed on your website, email signatures, and attached to an email for instantaneous sharing. Distribution is free – as no packaging or postage is required. The digital brochure is enhanced with rich media elements such as photo animations, videos, audio and web links to make it an interactive experience. In addition, our digital brochures can be shared on every major social network with a single click, exposing your company to an audience up to 100 times greater than print alone.

 The printed brochure is printed in the highest of quality to match your brand. We utilize print on demand to keep your print investment manageable.

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Sizes & Materials

Trim Size:
Our standard pricing involves a piece that is 9 x 12 or smaller. We can create larger pieces (up to 11”x 15”) at additional costs. Regardless of the size, we will be happy offer you a competitive quote today.

Page Count:
Our minimum page count is 8 pages, including cover. Additional pages must be added in 4-page increments.

Any brochure that is less than 24 pages will be saddlestiched – meaning stapled in the fold. We can utilize perfect binding (glued into spine) at 24 pages, however, a perfect bound brochure works best at 48 pages or larger. As an option, we can apply smythe sewn binding at 48 pages or more, at a surcharge, to give your brochure a bind that won’t ever allow the pages to separate.

Our brochure printing service utilizes high quality 100 lb paper stocks in either a gloss or matte finish. We can utilize many different stocks of paper as well, and we’ll be happy to quote your brochure in whatever paper stock you have in mind.

We have a full array of special print effects available including foil, embossing or debossing, die cuttting, spot varnishes, parchment inserts, end sheets and more – all to make your brochure stand out from your competition. As each brochure is different, all special effects will be quoted as a surcharge, upon determination of the effects involved in your piece.

We are committed to finding you the best materials and the best product at the best possible prices. Our 30 years experience in print has created a network of the best possible providers and craftsmen.


Different than a Website

Most people know how to efficiently navigate a website to completely bypass most of its content. They find what they think they want without getting your full story. 

A digital brochure is much different from a website because in a brochure, you control what information is viewed and in what order the information is viewed. Just like in a sales presentation, you may have a desired order of presenting the information about your product that works. A brochure respects that order and allows you to tell your full story. An effective brochure will compliment your website and can direct prospects to specific areas of your website for further information.


Keep Your Brochure Up to Date

 One of our best benefits is we can keep your print and digital brochures always up to date. Your multi-media brochure becomes a living and breathing document.We utilize high end, print-on-demand technology which affordably allows you to print only what you desire for current needs. By doing so, every time you print more copies of your brochure, we can easily update certain pages of your brochure. As your company grows and changes, as you complete new projects or bring on new products, it’s simple for us to keep your brochure current. In just hours we can make changes to your printed piece – which are then simultaneously reflected in your digital piece too! 


Combining Print and Digital Can Save You Up to 65% Than Just Print Alone!

Our pricing is dependent on the materials you choose to print on, any special effects you choose, how many pages we create and how many copies you need printed of your brochure. Our all inclusive (create, print and digital) pricing on our standard high quality stocks can be as low as $250 per page. We are delighted to offer you a complimentary consultation to determine the scope of your brochure and provide you the best possible pricing to get your printed and digital brochures published.

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We are committed to finding you the best materials and the best product at the best possible prices. Our 30 years experience in publishing and print has created an unbeatable network of the best possible providers and craftspeople.