Print Just Enough Brochures Whenever You Need Them

A brochure publisher can help your business advertise itself and gain credibility with top-notch promotional materials. However, it’s wise to choose a printing company that won’t waste your time and money with rigid policies. You shouldn’t have to order thousands of copies or resubmit your design every time you need more brochures.

Inspired Intermedia strives to make the brochure creation and printing process as convenient as possible. We achieve this goal by offering a sophisticated print-on-demand service. After your company or our staff creates a brochure, we print the first batch and keep your design for future use. You can easily purchase more copies or update the content when necessary.

Our on-demand printing rates prevent waste because they make it affordable to order brochures in almost any quantity. You don’t need to buy so many copies that they become outdated before you can distribute them. The service also maintains an off-site backup of your brochure design. This ensures that you won’t have to create a new pamphlet if someone steals your computer or a fire destroys it.

Inspired Intermedia doesn’t expect clients to sacrifice print quality when they save time and money with on-demand publishing. Our company has over three decades of printing experience. We use high-quality materials and equipment to produce eye-catching online and offline brochures. To request a complimentary publishing consultation, please dial 855-808-1700 today.

The Evolution of Publishing

Not so long ago, any author who hoped to see their work in print was required to jump through plenty of proverbial hoops. Manuscripts moved through the mail, and it could take just about forever to hear back from an editor. Once edited, the manuscript had to be pitched to book publishers and then the real waiting game began. Truth be told, only a small percentage of submitted manuscripts ever made it to book form.

Online book publishing has changed all that. If you have a great idea for a book, brochure, employee manual or travel guide, the creative team at Inspired Intermedia can turn that idea into a first class printed and bound or digital publication in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Publishing via Inspired Intermedia

Many writers work in isolation. Solitude can be good for the creative process, but it takes teamwork to turn a manuscript into a published piece. Choose to publish through Inspired Intermedia and you’ll have access to a savvy team of editors, graphic designers, photographers, videographers and writers to help you. Once your publication is ready, Inspired Intermedia’s website designers, SEO coders and social media experts will see to it that your publication reaches your intended audience.

In the world of online book publishing, nobody does it better than Inspired Intermedia. When you’re ready to know more about how to publish your writing, give us a call at (855) 808.1700

Winning Strategies for Digital Brochures

That great cover design is a customer’s invitation to open your new brochure, but it falls flat without well-organized


Find out some winning strategies on how to assemble a digital brochure the right way.

messaging inside. Cover your communication bases with these winning strategies.

  • Get to the point – Focus on key features of your service or product. Present the highlights in a concise format, and save detailed information for other media. Potential customers should understand exactly what you can do for them with a quick read.
  • Offer benefits that matter – Provide new clients with clear advantages. Does your product ensure their comfort? Will your service increase their profits? How does your company make things easier for them? Give customers solid reasons for doing business with you.
  • Stand above the competition – Tell prospective clients why you’re different. How does your product outperform the rest? Why do your services succeed when others fall short? Give new customers what they need to understand that you’re the best in the business.
  • Seal the deal – Don’t hope your pitch will result in higher sales. Make it happen with a strong call to action that includes vital contact information. Finish up with a verbal handshake making it clear that you look forward to taking care of business.
Whether you’re assembling a print or digital brochure, this small piece delivers a powerful message. Make it smart on the inside, attractive on the outside, and enjoy big returns on your small investment.

10 Reasons To Publish Digitally

Authors who want to enjoy success by publishing a book have the option to use a digital platform to achieve this goal.


Read more about 10 reasons why digital publishing is ideal for you.

Here are the top 10 reasons for utilizing digital publishing when you want your book to reach its intended audience.

  • Publishing a book or pamphlet digitally is significantly cheaper than traditional publishing.
  • The low cost allows individuals and companies to be able to afford to publish.
  • It is easy to get information out to the intended audience through a digital platform.
  • There is no need to worry about delivering a book or pamphlet when all of the information is sent to an electronic device.
  • Paper books and pamphlets deplete natural resources by requiring paper materials and energy for the completion of the printing process. Digital books are much more friendly for the environment.
  • It is possible for individuals and companies to include interactive portions in an e-book or pamphlet to engage their audience.
  • Links to an e-book or pamphlet can be included on a company website, on social media platforms and in blog posts to increase the number of people who access the information.
  • E-books and pamphlets travel much easier than traditional publications, and readers are more likely to finish reading a piece when they can easily access the material.
  • Readers are able to give feedback about a publication instantly. This allows writers to hone their skills and change their techniques to meet the needs of readers.
  • Visual aids including pictures and videos can be embedded in the content for a better reading experience.


Coffee Table Books Create Lasting Impressions

When you want to create a book that is impressive to everyone who sees it, you need to use a publishing company that can create a book full of dynamic print and stunning images. When you use a high-quality coffee table book publishing company, you can create a personal book that features all of the photographs that cover the topics of your book. It can become a family keepsake or a treasured gift for a special person.

For a business, having a coffee table book that puts your business’ best features on display is an impressive piece of marketing collateral. When clients and customers come into your business and see your coffee table book on display, they see that you have big ideas and the wherewithal to see them through.

 Coffee table book publishing is now simpler than ever with the ease of submitting photos and text electronically directly to publishers who print on demand. The book that you order can be created to your exact specifications so that the text and pictures convey exactly the image you’ve been looking for. With high-quality print on demand publishing services, a business can show off its strengths and highlight its people in the pages of its very own coffee table book. 

Consider a Digital Book to Preserve Wedding Memories

Are you looking for creative ways to remember your wedding beyond the usual videos and still photographs? Inspired Intermedia may just have the solution for you. We have a variety of digital book publishing options that are fun and creative ways to preserve memories of your special day. Whether you are looking for a way to share your memories online or want a unique physical book, you’ll find easy tools on our pages that will allow you to get creative.

To easily share memories of your day, an online book is the solution. Fill it with rich media content such as streaming videos, photo galleries and other types of rich media along with appropriate text blocks. Include other interactive features such as links to websites and social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and more. Your online book may be viewed easily from any computer, tablet or smart phone.

For those who want a less tech savvy remembrance, our digital book publishing services can produce a unique, high-quality coffee table book that will be treasured for years to come. Our creative team will work closely with you and make suggestions to produce an exceptional product with creative editorial, layout and design. Imagine having a beautifully bound book that is professionally produced and tell the romantic story of your special day. 

Digital Publishing Spotlight On…

Part of the reason why we at Inspired Intermedia became involved in digital publishing is that we wanted to be a part of a continuing tradition of bringing creative and satisfying books to the public. We have been inspired by the magical contents of books so much that we wanted to be a part of the exchange. One of our latest books, Into The Earth: A Wine Cave Renaissance, is a perfect example of the kind of inspiration we hope to give to readers.

Daniel D’Agostini, along with Molly Chappellet, brings us a beguiling history of the wine caves of Napa Valley. With gorgeous full-color photographs of the thousand-year-old creations, D’Agostini and Chappellet weave a true tale of history, technology, and myth, presented in an elegant hardcover package.

Daniel D’Agostini has been documenting the history and beautiful scenery of wine caves in Napa Valley. His work has been featured in many publications, including National Geographic, The Worlds Wild Lands, various calendars, and in Storm Over Mono, a book by John Hart.

We are pleased to be able to publish this work by Daniel D’Agostini and Molly Chappellet. This book not only serves as a collection of striking photographs, but also as a pictorial history of a world not many people get to experience firsthand.

Welcome Luxury Home Staging Expert Ginger Atherton to Our Publishing Family

At Inspired Intermedia, it is our goal, as well as our tradition, to bring to life innovative and imaginative books and publications through our book and digital publishing initiatives, which is why we are thrilled to announce the newest author to our custom book publishing family, Ginger Atherton.

Ginger, best known earlier in her career for her award winning interior design, has become a nationally known and respected home stager – furnishing some of the West Coast’s most expensive homes, which quickens the marketing process with her concept of beautiful living.

Inspired Intermedia will be producing Ginger’s latest book, “Home Staging: Designing Your Business.” If you’ve ever watched any of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Listing” franchise, then you know how high the demand for home staging is, as well as the power it yields when trying to sell a home. Home staging is an art form and requires a cunning eye for design and superior taste, as well as a rich knowledge in trends and classical design elements, all of which Ginger excels at!

Her new book is a guide on how to set up your business, work with real estate professionals, develop and manage an inventory of high end furniture/ accessories and finally, how to market your business. “Home Staging” is the first in a series of books that Ginger will release over the next several years. 

Digital Book Publishing: The New Frontier?

At, we love a good, tactile book. There’s just something charming about a hardcover or softcover book, filled with pages of words and pictures, and it was precisely that charm that got us into the publishing world. We feel honored and privileged to be carrying on the tradition of book publishing, and we make sure each one of our finished products is made with a level of care and attention to detail that is hard to find anywhere else.

While books are still extremely popular the world over, there has been a growing interest in digital book publishing. As more and more devices are created that can deliver our media right to our fingertips, the popularity of digital books grows. Some in the publishing field see this as a serious problem. “The death of books!” can be heard down the hallways of traditional book publishers.

Do we see this as some kind of bad omen? Of course not! We see digital book publishing as a way to deliver your original content to readers in a different and exciting way. At, we create our digital books in a way that enhances your content. We incorporate video, photography, and any other forms of media, to give your readers a full, immersive experience.

If you are curious about our digital book publishing services, explore today!

The History behind Modern Day Book Publishing Services

When you work in any industry involving printing or book publishing services, it’s easy to take for granted how the process came to be, and what people did before the technology and materials were so readily available. We like to remind ourselves and others about the history behind what we do, so we’ve compiled a few facts and figures that we found fascinating about the history of publishing, and we think you will too!

  • The earliest known books were found in Mesopotamia as clay tablets, and papyrus rolls in Egypt around 3,000 BC. Papyrus is actually a plant!
  • Books in China were made up of wood and bamboo strips
  • Between 300 B.C and 100 B.C, libraries and “book stores” opened in Egypt and Rome, making literacy and owning books a symbol of distinction.
  • China advanced the printing industry by inventing woodblock printing, modern paper as we know it, and moveable type, all before 1040 A.D.
  • The Bible was the first book printed using the printing press, which was improved by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany in 1450. Book publishing services truly started here!
  • With the rest of Europe catching on to printing technology, the first newspaper was printed in Germany in 1605, and the first magazine – The Gentleman’s Magazine – debuted in London in 1731.
  • A few years after the camera was invented in 1790, the art of lithography came to be, which enabled the printing of images onto paper.
  • The mid-1800’s brought us mass production with a steam powered rotary press. The color rotary press was invented a few short years later.
  • Some of our favorite publications today have been around for decades: National Geographic, 1899; Readers Digest, 1922; and Time, 1923.
  • Magazine and newspaper production exploded in the mid 1900’s, leading to the existence of household names, such as Newsweek and Rolling Stone Magazine.

And the rest, as they say, is history.