Digital Publishing Spotlight On…

Part of the reason why we at Inspired Intermedia became involved in digital publishing is that we wanted to be a part of a continuing tradition of bringing creative and satisfying books to the public. We have been inspired by the magical contents of books so much that we wanted to be a part of the exchange. One of our latest books, Into The Earth: A Wine Cave Renaissance, is a perfect example of the kind of inspiration we hope to give to readers.

Daniel D’Agostini, along with Molly Chappellet, brings us a beguiling history of the wine caves of Napa Valley. With gorgeous full-color photographs of the thousand-year-old creations, D’Agostini and Chappellet weave a true tale of history, technology, and myth, presented in an elegant hardcover package.

Daniel D’Agostini has been documenting the history and beautiful scenery of wine caves in Napa Valley. His work has been featured in many publications, including National Geographic, The Worlds Wild Lands, various calendars, and in Storm Over Mono, a book by John Hart.

We are pleased to be able to publish this work by Daniel D’Agostini and Molly Chappellet. This book not only serves as a collection of striking photographs, but also as a pictorial history of a world not many people get to experience firsthand.

Welcome Luxury Home Staging Expert Ginger Atherton to Our Publishing Family

At Inspired Intermedia, it is our goal, as well as our tradition, to bring to life innovative and imaginative books and publications through our book and digital publishing initiatives, which is why we are thrilled to announce the newest author to our custom book publishing family, Ginger Atherton.

Ginger, best known earlier in her career for her award winning interior design, has become a nationally known and respected home stager – furnishing some of the West Coast’s most expensive homes, which quickens the marketing process with her concept of beautiful living.

Inspired Intermedia will be producing Ginger’s latest book, “Home Staging: Designing Your Business.” If you’ve ever watched any of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Listing” franchise, then you know how high the demand for home staging is, as well as the power it yields when trying to sell a home. Home staging is an art form and requires a cunning eye for design and superior taste, as well as a rich knowledge in trends and classical design elements, all of which Ginger excels at!

Her new book is a guide on how to set up your business, work with real estate professionals, develop and manage an inventory of high end furniture/ accessories and finally, how to market your business. “Home Staging” is the first in a series of books that Ginger will release over the next several years.